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If you are a heart-centred coach who want to express your souls, attract aligned clients & elevate your coaching business from the HEART, you might be just a few alignments and connections away from the abundance, impact and freedom you deserve. Watch this quick 5-minute video below to find out more 👇



exactly what we'll unpack together

On this fast-paced 30-minute call, we will:

Take a look at your marketing to see what is in alignment and what isn’t and why it hasn’t been working for you. 

Uncover the blocks and misalignments that’s holding you back from attracting aligned clients to you and elevating your business. 

Develop a plan that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be, from a heart space, and with ease and flow.


we collaborate with heart-centred coaches to help them express their souls, attract aligned clients, and elevate their businesses from the heart, through DFY soulful content written in their voice

our clients are welcoming results daily

Our heart and soul mission is to bring in and implement the right content strategies to help our clients grow their business reliably and consistently while freeing up their time, and allow them to be in their hearts, so they can create & serve in their business with ease and flow.

"I've done a number of courses, I've hired an agency, I've had VAs, and nothing has given me the results that I've been able to achieve with Trang & her team in just 2 months of working with her..."

"Trang and Dream Accelerator team get you. They take the time to understand you and your message..."

"I went from having fear that I wouldn't achieve it to now having no doubt that I would absolutely get to my goals..."

Our goal for SFA was to get 10 new calls booked a month & we did that in the first week of us working together!

"We have, straight away, accelerated growth. Everything changed from the first launch we did... while I freed up my time."

"Not only myself but the entire ShopFix Academy team is blown away by the work that Trang & her team have been doing..."

"$54K in just a few months working with Dream Accelerator. The return on investment has been amazing!"

"Oh my goodness, my impact has reached so many more people as a result of working together."

and they're loving the journey...

2 new clients, $5K retainer in one week!

6 new calls booked from event...

8 new calls booked! And 3 more later...

JM was projecting $21K sales for her month...

We hit 100 event registration for KP way earlier than expected...

You'll get the best results out of working with dream accelerator if...

You Want to Accelerate Your Results

If you are a coach who has your sales strategy down pack and is looking to expand for an ever-growing flow of leads from social media... but find yourself struggling with consistency, time, inspiration, and strategy over and over again... then you're in the right place.

You're Tired of Doing it on Your Own

If you're killing it on social media but tired of being the bottleneck and just wish someone could write what you write, speak in your voice and free up 3-5 hours a week of your time... then you're in the right place.

You're Ready to Make an Even Bigger Impact

If you know in your heart that there's so much more to you, your business, your goals, your potential... you believe that your message can reach more people, change more lives, and make even more of an impact... then you're in the right place.

more real-time results from our clients

452% growth in comments, 379% growth in reactions

319% growth in impression, 316% growth in engagements

167% growth in comments, 169% growth in reactions

226% growth in impression, 162% growth in engagements

439% growth in impression, 343% growth in engagements

112% growth in comments, 90% growth in reactions

399% growth in impression, 97% growth in engagements

220% growth in impression, 184% growth in engagements

246% growth in comments, 95% growth in reactions

224% growth in impression, 165% growth in engagements

51% growth in comments, 51% growth in reactions

225% growth in impression, 222% growth in engagements

and more . . .

140% growth in impression, 256% growth in engagements

488% growth in impression, 419% growth in engagements

161% growth in impression, 107% growth in engagements

42% growth in impression, 32% growth in engagements

48% growth in impression, 9% growth in engagements

41% growth in impression, 149% growth in engagements

393% growth in impression, 337% growth in engagements

159% growth in impression, 153% growth in engagements

393% growth in impression, 337% growth in engagements

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